I had some free time this afternoon, and needed to find out where the Sunset Inn was on Lakeside Drive in Erie. I took a drive down there, grabbing my GH1 and a monopod in case I wanted to snap a few quick pictures.

Finding the Sunset Inn, I didn’t feel particularly compelled to take pictures there. It’s not that it wasn’t a beautiful place, but a big sign stated “PRIVATE,” so I wasn’t too keen on tramping around the premises.

I drove farther down Lakeside Drive, which I’ve never been to before, and spotted a small city park sandwiched between houses. To give you an idea of where this is, I’m calling on my friend Google.

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Having time, I parked the car and spent about a half hour exploring. The following 52 pictures show you what I saw. I was using the Lumix 14-42mm lens with an ND6 filter and a circular polarizing filter on my GH1.