Ugh . . . I could only hold out for so long. Sliders seem to be part of every videographer’s kit these days, especially if they’re using a DSLR. Even though I love the look of the slow movement that sliders provide, I made a conscious decision to refrain from buying one. Let’s face it–most of them are vastly overpriced.

I finally caved. A couple weeks ago, I saw an indiMINIslider for sale at a price I couldn’t refuse. I brought it out at the last wedding I shot, and was really happy with the results I got. The slider can sit by itself on the provided feet, or it can be tripod-mounted. There is also the option of adjustable friction. Since this was the first time I’ve ever used a slider, it took me a few tries to get anything usable. But it didn’t take long to get some nice shots! I was shooting with my GH1. Here are some examples.