May 29, 2013

Update: My Thoughts on Adobe Creative Cloud

Well, the backlash against the big dark Creative Cloud looming over us creatives’ heads has been amazing to say the least. Here’s what I’ve been seeing:



And a really entertaining video expressing the sentiments of so many. Watch at your own risk — there’s strong (subtitled) language.

You may have read my first post about Creative Cloud, and I was generally positive about it. But, the more I think about it, the more I’m swinging the other way. What really bothers me isn’t the monthly subscription (as long as it stays where it is) — it’s the fact that if I stop subscribing to the Cloud, I have no software to use at all. It’s not like I will be able to use the software I paid for up until that point. I can use nothing. And that’s a problem.

That’s an advantage of the old paradigm (pay a big sum for the software; pay more for upgrades if you want): you always have the software to use, even if it’s outdated.

So, while I still acknowledge some positive things about Creative Cloud, I’m beginning to believe that the negatives are far heavier. Let’s see how Adobe handles all this.

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