Hopefully this will be a thing?

I hate dealing with the headache of file storage and backup. Every year brings me more terabytes of data to store and back up, with video and audio being the main disk space hogs.

Digital storage seems transient and fragile. I’m constantly nervous that a hard drive will fail or that a BD-R won’t read. Of course I back up in redundancy (most of the time), but that doesn’t do much to relieve my stress about data loss.

The cloud seems like a great option, but the amount of data I have to store makes it too expensive to put online. Not to mention the time it takes to upload all that stuff.

Realistically, will I ever need to pull up any of this stuff again? For 99.9% — probably not. But it’s irresponsible for me to get rid of files, especially when they have to do with client work and my business. And as soon hit the delete button for something, the phone will ring, and I’ll need what I just destroyed. That’s my life.