It got my attention this week. It must be shiny.

Students did their walkout thing. I heard from teachers that their students found it to be a pointless hassle. I heard a lot more about it on social media, but that’s the world of make believe.

The Anatomy of a (Perfect) Landing Page |

A good mile-long infographic that I’ll likely refer to when designing upcoming landing pages. It covers design, content, and strategy.

Toys ‘R’ Us Is Closing All US Stores |

Can’t say I didn’t see this coming. I’m still trying to figure out how to break it to my kids.

Record Store Day: why vinyl gimmicks alone won’t save local shops |

I’m always excited for Record Store Day. Good points in this article though.

The James Altucher Show – Sebastian Maniscalco |<

Maniscalco is a rising comedian, and I’m glad I listened to this podcast. Now I’m a fan of his. There’s some great wisdom about the value word-of-mouth and sticking with your passion.

Tumult Hype Pro |

I just bought this and am getting up to speed on it. I’m already pretty good with After Effects, but Hype will enable me to quickly produce interactive content. There’s also a WordPress plugin for it, which rocks.