It’s like asking a girl on a date, and having no idea whether she’s going to be into it or laugh in your face.

That’s how I feel when I show a client a design for the first time.

They’re paying me money for this. They’re spending their time with me on this. Will they appreciate my creation and praise my vision, or will they throw their arms up in disappointment and dub me a hack, demanding their money back?

To be honest, no client has ever been upset or disappointed in my work. At the worst, they’ve questioned the direction.

But it’s a stressful moment.

The best case scenario is that the client is wowed by the design. But just as importantly — and maybe even more so at that moment of presentation — is to wow the client with the actual presentation of the design.

For the longest time, I would design a logo and then present it to the client on plain white or color, depending on the design.


But there’s a better way. Why not show them the design as it’s actually going to be used? Instead of making them imagine how the design will work in the real world, show them.


This is a far more effective way to “sell” your designs. The client doesn’t have to use his or her imagination, and it puts your design into context.

Plus, you’re delivering a little more value to the client — even if it’s just a representation. Keep adding value to what you do, and your clients will love you.


Years ago, it was a pain to create these kinds of mockups. I’d have to find a good image, then map the artwork to the image. Nowadays, there’s a ton of free and paid PSDs you can download, and all you have to do is paste your artwork in.

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