Thanking Shadow Windhawk from Vine

I installed the Vine app on my Android phone and tablet as soon as it hit the Play Store yesterday, and finally got around to posting my first video. It was the perfect way to thank Shadow Windhawk, guitarist of horror punk band DIEMONSTERDIE (as well as other bands and solo work), for sending me a surprise package today. the rest

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Going into 2012

I’m ashamed to see that I haven’t posted since October. My New Year’s resolution is to post much more regularly. Which means that I’ll try really hard to post here for a week or two, then probably drop off the face of the earth for several months. You know the drill.

Well, here’s what’s been going on:

I picked up a Panasonic TM900. What a sweet little camera! The darn thing shoots 1080/60p, which is unheard of in most professional cameras, let alone consumer ones. I can’t wait to use this one on upcoming projects.

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