Monthly Archives: May 2011

Lazy Photography

I took some shots with my GH1. I call this “lazy photography” because they were either shot inside my house, or right out the back door. The shots with houses and sky were taken with the Tiffen Circular Polarizing Filter, which I was very excited to get, since I love outdoor photography.

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Why I Don’t Shoot 24p (and why sometimes I might)

When you go to the theatre to see the newest feel-good romantic comedy of the summer, you’re seeing 24 frames per second. This is the standard for film, adopted decades ago when filmmakers were looking for the absolute cheapest way to make their films. 24 frames per second was identified as the lowest frame rate possible to produce believable motion, while staying in sync with the audio track. Film was (and largely still is) very expensive to work with — it must be sent away to be developed; processing/color correction/effects are tedious to perform; editing is more difficult; prints are … Read the rest

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New Computer Build

The video I shoot is high definition. There’s no tape anymore — at least for me — and the video files are saved directly to SDHC cards. Using cameras such as the Panasonic AG-HMC40 and DMC-GH1, the video is compressed using AVCHD. It’s great in that file sizes are kept to a manageable size. It’s not so great in that your editing computer has to be extremely fast to work with.

Needing to upgrade my current system for this format, I decided to venture into the world of computer building. It’s a lot less expensive to piece everything together on … Read the rest

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