Monthly Archives: June 2013

Thanking Shadow Windhawk from Vine

I installed the Vine app on my Android phone and tablet as soon as it hit the Play Store yesterday, and finally got around to posting my first video. It was the perfect way to thank Shadow Windhawk, guitarist of horror punk band DIEMONSTERDIE (as well as other bands and solo work), for sending me a surprise package today. the rest

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Homebrewing: Batch 2

I decided to brew my second batch of beer solo, after creating my first batch a few months ago (which turned out wonderfully) with my friend, a veteran brewer. It’s really not that difficult — it’s all about sanitization, timing, and being able to follow directions. Unfortunately, it’s the “following directions” part that led to some problems.

I went down to a local brewing shop and picked up the Brewer’s Best kit for Rye Pale Ale, and waited for a day when my wife was away for the afternoon. Preparation, steeping the grains, and boiling the wort all went smoothly. … Read the rest

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