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The System I Used to Write 5 Books and Over 1,000 Blog Posts

By Jeff Goins // originally published at

Most writers struggle with getting their writing done for one surprising reason. They think writing is a one-step process, when in fact, it’s a three-step process.What we call “writing” is actually made up of three distinct activities: coming up with ideas, turning those ideas into drafts, and then editing those drafts into publishable pieces.

When I decided to become a writer and made the commitment to write 500 words per day, every single day, I quickly ran into the resistance that holds most of us back from doing our work.


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How Society Destroys Your Creativity, In An Award-Winning Pixar-Like Short Film | Bored Panda

Modern society tells us to do well in school, work as hard as we can, and eventually teach our kids to do the same. It’s an endless cycle that doesn’t exactly leave much room for creativity. This short film is encouraging people to look at things differently, and is striking a cord.

Alike, a Pixar-like affair by Madrid-based animators Daniel Martínez Lara and Rafa Cano Méndez, is a 7-minute lesson on what happens to your life when creativity is drowned out by the daily grind. It’s also about parenthood, and the importance of letting kids to forge their own journeys.

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10 Reasons Your Videos Suck

So many videos suck. Whatever kind of video — Youtube, Facebook, event videos, training videos, movies — there are lots of reasons so many videos are unwatchable.

The good news is that most of them are easily solved. Here are 10 reasons your videos suck.

You’re just starting. You haven’t done it enough.

When anyone is just starting out with anything, they are going to suck at it. If you haven’t made many videos before, you’re not going to be very good at it.

The key is that you keep doing it. The best way to learn to make better … Read the rest

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Today I Tried: Making Hot Sauce

One of the presents I got on my 40th birthday was a make-your-own hot sauce kit. My family knows me well—I slather the stuff on just about everything I eat. My go-to hot sauce is Frank’s Red Hot, but I also have an extensive collection of other good stuff. Up to this point, I had no idea what went into making hot sauce. It ends up that it’s pretty darn easy.

The kit came with just about everything I needed, save for a handful of fresh ingredients. I took a trip to my favorite store, Wegman’s, and picked … Read the rest

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