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The Rolling Shutter Effect

The rolling shutter effect — universally despised by videographers. In newer cameras using CMOS sensors, the image is scanned from top to bottom every frame. This means that very fast motion, or events that occur extremely quickly (such as camera flashes) will appear distorted. Camera flashes may only take up a part of the frame; straight lines may appear “jiggly” when moving quickly; the image may be skewed.

Videographers routinely complain about this phenomenon, as it can make for some pretty strange-looking video. ┬áThere’s really no way to get around it — that’s just the nature of using a sensor … Read the rest

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Today’s Dawn

Got up this morning, looked out the back door, and this is what I saw.

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Panasonic Lumix 20mm f/1.7 Lens

I purchased this lens for my GH1 a couple months ago, while it was out of stock. I went to Ebay and found a used one for $50 over retail, willing to pay that much because I heard such great things about the lens. Plus I had a shoot coming up that I wanted to use it with.

I was attracted to the lens due to its performance in low light — f/1.7 does wonders in dark environments. It’s sharp and focuses reasonably well. I love the quality it produces.

The first time I used the lens, I found that … Read the rest

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The Ol’ Projector

A couple years ago, a friend in Pittsburgh called me and said he found a great deal on a couple old projectors — the kind that my elementary school teachers would play those awesome filmstrips through. “Ten bucks,” he said. “Do you want me to pick you up one?”

Having no idea what I would do with a projector, I said, “Sure, get me one.”

It sat on the shelf for a year or so. Then one day as I was working on my one-man zombie short movie, I realized that the projector would make one incredible spotlight. And that’s … Read the rest

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Magic Bullet Denoiser

After having shot a good bit of video this past weekend, I found a lot of my HMC40 footage to be full of digital noise and artifacts. This is due to the fact that I had pumped the gain up as high as it would go in many instances (+24dB) because of very low light.

Because the footage will be used for a paying client, I decided to spring for a piece of software that I had been eying for a while — Magic Bullet Denoiser from Red Giant Software. It does exactly what it says: it removes the … Read the rest

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